Why to use oils in our hair? What do they provide?

In recent years you will hear talk and much is seen on shelves about hair oils. There are countless options: coconut oil, carrot oil, ojón oil, castor oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, babasu oil, among others. But in the end, how and why do we start using these oils in our hair and how do they help us?

Contrary to what it may seem, products with oily texture do not necessarily leave the skin or hair also greasy. Of course, it all depends on the formula of the product / cosmetic and the amount that is applied. In general, these oils became famous for acting in favor of the beauty of women guaranteeing shine and smoothness to the hair.

Because of its great ability to retain water, oils are excellent moisturizers, much more potent in serum, creams, lotions and gels. Not to mention the nutrients: they are oils from seeds or natural foods that carry in them vitamins compounds of high nutritional content for the hair, in addition to fatty acids that are not produced naturally by our organism. That is, these oils have the ability to penetrate the hair and replenish basic nutrients for capillary health.

Adding natural oils to the hair care regimen works wonders, making it more malleable, shiny and smooth not only on the outside, but also inside the hair. The use of natural oils in our hair also stimulates hair growth, even in critical areas of our scalp, which may have been affected by excessive use of chemicals, or a health problem.

Know the properties of some of these oils:

100% natural coconut oil – Its moisturizing properties bring benefits not only for the entire length of the hair, but also for the scalp. Coconut oil is also a powerful antimicrobial, preventing and fighting the spread of fungi on the scalp and consequent hair loss. It is also enriched with vitamin E, perfect for combating dandruff and cleaning waste, and lauric acid, which prevents loss of hair proteins during washing.

Jojoba oil – The molecules that make up this oil, have almost identical properties to the oil that our scalp naturally produces, so it is appropriate to add a few drops of this oil in the prewash treatment or even when you feel that the scalp is resected massaging well. Continuous use will help stimulate hair growth. Use only a few drops!

Castor oil – Refined Jamaican castor oil brings very satisfactory results: it helps in the healthy growth of hair and increases the thickness of the hair. Few drops are sufficient for an application and direct massage on the scalp.

Carrot oil – It has many nutrients for the hair, including beta carotene and vitamins A and E. It also helps in the natural growth of hair and prevent double tips, which keeps the hair even more beautiful. If used often, carrot oil can give strength and protection to the hair and sometimes even make it brighter. Applying this powerful oil can be done in several ways one of them is directly on the scalp in order to stimulate hair growth and also activate circulation.

Argan oil – Helps in problems like frizz and control of rebellious hair. This happens because the hair usually has negative electric charge because of keratin, and that is the main cause of repentant hair. However, vegetable oils “fit” the hair, causing the negative charge to slide towards the tips, decreasing friction and leaving the hair looking healthy and malleable. In addition, it is a natural treatment: its antioxidants and vitamins improve hair elasticity, give a luminous glow and help to renew the hair against damages caused by heat, wind, oxidation or excess brush and chemistry. For this action against elements that cause tension in the hair, it is very indicated in shampoos for afro or resected hair. Among the nutrients of argan oil, we find tocopherol, phenolic acid, carotenes and essential fatty acids.

Ojon oil – It is an oil with the same constitution of hair keratin, rich in amino acids and natural antioxidants, promising to overcome the already known argan oil, providing recovery, intense brightness, strength and protection from daily aggressions to hair. The oil is Honduran and is indicated mainly for hair resected or that has suffered any type of damage, either by the use of chemicals such as smoothing and dyes or by excessive exposure to the heat of the sun, dryer or hair straighteners.


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