Unraveling oily hair.

Many women complain about their hair because they consider their hair greasy or oily. In fact, the care should be a little greater in this case, but there is no reason for despair.

Oily hair has the characteristics of producing more oil in your hair follicle. Generally, they are hair brighter and thinner. Greasy hair tends to be dirty faster than dry hair, as air impurities “stick” on the hair more easily, accumulating dust and odor. That is why greasy hair demands to be washed more frequently.

The causes for this excess in the production of oiliness are several: it is generally a genetic cause, such as having dry or oily skin. But there are also hormonal issues that can impact or even emotional, such as stress and anxiety, which can influence the altered activity of the sebaceous glands.

Some tips are essential for maintaining the health of oily hair.

In the same way that the skin produces more sebum while we clean it frequently, the hair acts in the same way. Washing the hair every day may be an appropriate measure, but some behaviors, such as washing the hair 2x a day may, on the contrary, make the situation worse. The body of the people interprets the withdrawal of oiliness as a “threat” to the organism and the more it is removed, the more it produces and the more uncontrolled our metabolism becomes. Worse, the production of uncontrolled sebum leads to the obstruction of the follicles, which are “covered” with oil, weakening the hair and even contributing to hair loss.

Then, wash your hair with a suitable frequency. And attention: NEVER USE HOT WATER! Hot water stimulates the production of oil by the hair follicle, that is, it is all that least wants someone who has greasy hair.

When washing, start by placing a small amount of shampoo in your hands (equivalent to one coin). Massage the scalp gently and slowly so as not to activate your sebaceous glands (the faster the massage, the more activated the circulation of the scalp and the more sebum your glands will produce). Repeat washing if necessary.

The conditioner should not be the villain, since it should be applied only at the tips!

Also remember to regulate your diet: avoid red meat every day, avoid fried foods, sodas and foods with excess preservatives.


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