Tyger Eye = A technique the is trend!

It is inevitable and unquestionable: every woman wants to have well-treated hair and a modern look. Speaking in modernity, we recently had the platinum trend that lasted for almost two years on fashion. Now the trend is different. Have you heard of the Tyger Eye hair?

Firstly, Tyger Eye is procedure named like that because of a stone super valued in the market, which has nuances in beige, brown, red, wine and other earth tones. The wicks based on the technique of Tyger Eye have been successful among the female audience. This technique uses tones of brown, gold and bronze to achieve the luminous effect of the stone Tyger Eye, bringing natural aspects to the wicks without leaving them off.

Indicated for all hair types, the Tyger Eye technique has been successful mainly in people with dark hair and fair skin. This is because it illuminates the contour of the face and the length of the hair without rinsing the hair too much, keeping them looking more natural.

It is a technique that mimics the very effect of the sun on the hair, as if it had been responsible for the “discoloration” of the hair. Because it is considered a “middle” between reflections that remain with a finer texture and thick hairs that stand out in the hair, the technique has been the favorite of hairdressers, being a good bet for those women who want to subtly change the look of their hair and leave them with a mixture of beautiful tones, but always natural. That is to say: even for those who are passionate about the natural background, this technique can be adopted without fear, since it is not necessary that each wick reach the blond tone.


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