Tips for shine and moisturized curly hair!

Women with curly hair normally suffer with the shine and health of the hair that, unfortunately, does not appear naturally.

Because it is irregular format, with many curves in several senses, curly hair tends to be drier and opaquer, because the natural oiliness produced in the scalp has great difficulty of traveling thru the length of hair until reaching the tips.

Even smoothed or relaxed hair, however, the natural oils do not reach the ends of the hair because women with curly hair, genetically, produce fewer moisturizing secretions in the scalp. Therefore, one of the strongest desires of those who have curly hair is that of having shiny, silky, hydrated and healthy hair.

The secret can be in your daily routine to bring vitality to the hair! The important thing is to adopt a shock treatment that stimulates the recovery of damaged hair fibers, quickly recovering the shine and the softness and the shine of the hair.

Some tips for this routine make the difference:

  1. CHEMISTRY: For those who suffer from dry and lifeless hair, avoiding chemical processes is essential. Tinctures, permanent, progressive brush and discoloration. These chemical applications steal amino acids and keratin leaving opaque hair.
  2. HOT WATER: forget it! Prefer the water always warm to the cold to wash the hair. Very hot water removes all the natural protection that covers the cold, leaving them more prone to dryness and, therefore, to damages such as bankruptcy, double tips and fall.
  3. IMPORTANT PRODUCTS: when buying shampoos or conditioners, give preference to those products that have karité butter or other moisturizing oils in their composition. Restoration of lipids in the washing process is one of the great secrets of people with curly hair and full of life!
  4. CAPILLARY MASKS: always prefer capillary masks instead of common conditioners. The masks are much more concentrated and possess many more protective and softening ingredients like silicones, butter, proteins and vitamins.
  5. DRYER or HINGER: avoid them! If you cannot stay without them, let at least the temperature be regulated in the least hot possible. Hot dryer air and high plate temperature contribute to weaker hair and less water inside (leading to dehydration).
  6. TIPS: special attention to them. By being more distant from the scalp, the tips receive less natural fat from the capillary leather. That is why it is important to have special attention in the hydration of the tips of the hair using tip repairers, silicones or even oils such as Argan, Coco, etc. In extreme cases, renewing the haircut is a sure choice.
  7. MODELING: The gel is a good choice for modelling curly hair. However, it is important to choose a gel without alcohol, as alcohol contributes to dryness.
  8. FOOD: Balance is the key word! Important not only for the hair, for the nails and for the skin. The nutritional problems leave the hair dry, brittle and lifeless.
  9. PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: The movement of the body impulses many organic reactions, mainly to accelerate the metabolism and enable the absorption of nutrients of great importance for health. The hair needs that oxygenation!
  10. WATER: Hydration comes from the inside out, right? If you do not consume the expected amount of water a day, how do you expect your hair to absorb moisturizing products satisfactorily?

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