The strength of food nutrients for a healthy hair!

It is not a novelty that food have great importance for hair care. After all, good cosmetics help and are essential to revitalize and maintain healthy hair, however, many nutrients present in various foods are essential for your health, which directly impacts the condition of the hair.

That is why, in order to get nourished hair, it is not only necessary to use specific cosmetic products adapted to your hair type or a haircut from time to time, but also maintain a good diet. To help, Fit Cosméticos did some research and went after the most beneficial foods for their hair; Thus, you will be able to understand and make use of the necessary nutrients for each case of fragility, in order to keep your hair beautiful and healthy.

IRON: Ideal for strengthening weak hair. Red meats, pork, chicken and fish are some of the foods that contain iron and help in curing the iron deficiency in your hair. Some whole grain cereals or dark green vegetables such as spinach also have iron. Include these foods in your diet and perceive stronger hair!

OMEGA 3: Omega 3 is a type of fatty acid. Fatty acids give your hair more life; provide a luster and a silky look to the hair. Therefore, omega 3 is ideal for hair that is opaque, lifeless, resected. Nuts, such as almonds, walnuts and chestnuts are also rich in that nutrient and can stimulate healthy hair growth, with shine and softness.

SELENIUM: Selenium is a famous antioxidant and helps to give greater elasticity to the hair, in addition to combating the symptoms of dandruff. Fresh doughs, onions, garlic, broccoli, celery and mushrooms are rich in selenium. Try and notice the difference!

VITAMIN A: Vitamin A helps keep your hair grease at the required level. Then, if your hair has dried out too much, or too oily, bet on foods with vitamin A. Found various steaks and vegetables, mainly on carrots and tomatoes.

VITAMIN B: Vitamin B is the trick for hair loss. Dried fruits, vegetables, milk and cereals help contain hair loss, as well as some fish and red meats.

VITAMIN C: Vitamin C helps keep hair hydrated, as it prevents water loss from hair. Found in citrus fruits (such as orange, lemon, pineapple, acerola, etc.) and in red / orange vegetables. Include these foods in your diet and watch your hair moisturize longer!

FOLIC ACID: Almost every human being has folic acid deficiency in the blood. It is very important for health, especially for pregnant women. For the hair, it would not be different: it protects the hair from the natural damages like cold winds, heat, solar rays. Grain, lens, corn, melon and banana are some of the foods that contain folic acid and can help you have protected hair.

ZINC: Zinc is a mineral that helps in cell renewal. Therefore, it is very important for hair renewal, making hair grow new and healthier. In addition, zinc helps to delay the appearance of undesirable white hairs. Is not it wonderful? Foods like eggs, red meats and fish contain good levels of zinc and can help you have healthy hair.

With the consumption of the nutrients that we quote, you will achieve an optimum result and have incredible hair. Before changing cosmetics, look for a balanced diet. Ah! And she does not forget the importance of water: it is she who will carry all those nutrients into her bloodstream in due form. Hydrate your body and feed well. Over time, you will notice the difference!


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