The ideal brush type for your hair.

Good products and treatments help, and a lot, to get wonderful hair. But, in addition, some daily habits that involve washing, feeding and, of course, the proper use of combs and brushes directly influence the quality and health of the hair.

Perhaps you have never stopped to think about this topic, but choosing the right type of brush for your hair type is essential to ensure the best result when combing, shaping or brushing your hair. And believe, every brush is ideal for each hair type and its shapes and bristles depend on how we intend to finish the tufts. In addition to the type of comb or brush, we must double our attention on the force we apply them when brushing: we must be patient and careful not to damage or break our hair.

Learn below the function of each type of comb and brush and find out which one is right for your hair:

  1. Long and thin comb: little space between the bristles is useful for when you will apply a home treatment in your tufts, whether it is a moisturizing, dyeing or straightening. However, for daily use, they should be avoided by people with curly and curly hair, since they can serve to undo and give volume to the hair.
  2. Wide comb: with large and spaced teeth, it is the right choice for more bulky hair, rolled up and full of bunches. This type of comb will not spoil the effect of that good treatment that you did or break your hair. Good for loosening wicks after babyliss.
  3. Hairpin comb: ideal for afro hair. This comb is used to fix the hair and leave them in the black power style.
  4. Ionized peppers: it is a more recent type, it serves to seal the hair after a cauterization, reducing the frizz and guaranteeing an optimal finish.
  5. Thin round brush: ideal for modelling, curling and finalizing short hair and fringes. You will get movement in the hair and volume in the correct dosage.
  6. Medium round brush: perfect to brush the hair and leave them with movement, mainly at the tips, turning them out or in.
  7. Round and thick brush: the larger the diameter of the brush, the greater the chances of getting that smooth effect. Ideal for super long hair.
  8. Ventilated Round Brush: The oval model with ceramic base has natural boar bristles and is suitable for drying and shaping the tips. The brush is activated by the heat of the dryer, and, by being ventilated and having spaced bristles, gives volume to the hair.
  9. Racquet brush: unscrew the hair well, especially the smooth and wavy. It is also optimal to comb the clusters after the babyliss and win deconstructed waves.
  10. Ceramic brush: rounded and with ceramic base, it is activated by the heat of the dryer. Mixed bristles combine the durability of nylon and the smoothness of the boar. It is indicated for curly hair to smooth, to model, to comb and to unravel.
  11. Pad Brush: This pad model usually has plastic bristles and is suitable for long, smooth, or slightly wavy hair. If used with dryer, it provides a modelling brush effect, but not so smooth (natural appearance).
  12. Rectangular brush: it is the type of brush that everyone already had one day. Ideal for untangling all types of hair, its wide spacing between the bristles – which are usually plastic – helps prevent hair breakage.

In addition to the shape of the brushes, the bristles greatly influence the effect. The bristles with balls in the tips serve to lock the hair when brushing, that is why they are more used in thick hair, because in the fine the resistance is less and to use this type of bristles with balls can end up breaking the fine hair. Brushes with nylon bristles can be used by any type of hair both for drying and for modelling.

Natural bristles like wild boar are ideal for fine and brittle hair. Because they are softer, they do not aggro the hair when drying and reduce the breakage during the brushing.

Metal bristles are controversial. They are excellent for disentangling wet hair, but any carelessness can hurt the scalp while the plastic ones with ball at the tips are more indicated. Never use metal bristles on dry hair, in addition to causing hair failure, they can alter the electrostatics of the hair and leave them full of frizz.


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