The hair cut on coats (peaked) is back for winter 2017. More information here!

The peaked hair is coming back in 2017 and will be the winter trend. On the catwalks, we have already noticed the peaked hair is on the look of the top models. And not for less: the peaked hair gives lightness and provide a positive daring for the look of any woman.

However, caution is needed. A woman who wants to have this haircut needs, first, to undergo a professional evaluation. Characteristics such as the type and texture of the hair must be considered in order to the final result to be satisfactory. The very thick or very fragile hair does not combine with this peaked haircut, for example.

According to renowned hairstylists, the peaked haircut is perfect for wavy hair women with medium to long lengths. So, do not opt for this haircut before consulting your trusted hairdresser; we are sure that the result is beautiful, but, like everything in life, there is the right choice for every type of person / hair / personality, and more.

Basically, a hair repeats nothing more than a hair that has gone through a process of creating layers. These layers give volume and movement to the hair, which works well for fine hairdressing and with low density, as it gives the sensation of more hair.


Peaked haircut and Shredded haircut are different techniques.

While the peaked haircut gives different layers to the hair, the shredded – in a single wick – brings irregularity in length. That is, when it comes to a shredded hair, in the same wick, we can find long, short and medium hairs in it.

Are you in doubt about which of them adhere to the next station? Consult your hairdresser!


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