The great harm of cigarettes for the hair.

Did you know that the cigarette is harmful to the health of the hair? Tobacco has negative effects on our health, quality of life, skin, nails… It could not be different with our hair, right?

The substances present in the cigarette cause the old-aging of our cells, as they end up being less oxygenated. The hair then loses vitality and grows more slowly and brittle.

What happens is that the tobacco causes a reduction of the blood circulation in such a way that all the nutrients necessary to maintain the health of the capillary bulb have difficulty to penetrate in him. Nicotine causes hormonal alteration in women, leading to dryness and atrophy of the scalp, thus favoring hair loss. The smoke that is inhaled / ingested in the act of smoking also has its impacts: they diminish the collagen and the elastin, substances that are essential for the youth of the skin and the hair. This does not count on the external impact, that is, the smell that permeates the hair and leaves them dirty and unpleasant.

If you are a smoker, try to quit smoking. The benefits are innumerable for your respiratory health, for cell renewal, for your skin and hair. Give courage to life and want it more beautiful and healthy!


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