The end of the straight hair dictatorship.

It is not simply a matter of “curls are in fashion” or the “new fashion is to assume natural hair”. More than that, it is a female liberation movement of the dictatorship that demanded impeccably smooth hair. It’s not that straight hair is not pretty, but who said only they can be considered beautiful, shiny and elegant, right?

Wavy, curly and thick hair can and should be valued. However, we cannot leave aside the fact that these hairs require more intense care to be visibly healthy naturally.

Regular deep conditioning treatments are essential to maintain the integrity of curls and waves. A good indicator to know whether or not you need a shock treatment is to stretch the hair thread well. If you do not regain your natural shape, it’s time to wear a good mask!

Another good suggestion to avoid frizz is the type of towel to use. Never, under any circumstances, use cotton towels to dry your hair. The contact of the tissue with the hair can only result in one thing, the frizz. Instead, use paper towels and absorb excess water from the tip to the root.

The right products for your hair type make all the difference. For fine hair, mousse or modelling ointment, such as Cosmetic Fit Modelling Ointment.

In the case of thick hair, always have an oil (such as those of Argan) on hand for the tips that eliminate frizz without regret, such as the Argan Oil of Fit Cosmetics.

The Fit Cosmetics has in its portfolio products adapted to the routine of care that a curly or wavy hair so much requires. Visit our product portfolio, buy your kits and do not despair if one day you do not have the dryer or the iron on the side. Be a free woman too and let your hair be what you are naturally!


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