SUMMER: Pre and post-beach or pool care that you need to know.

The women’s hair care in the summer gives work to the best beauty professionals. Summer asks for sea, sun, pool and, unfortunately, they all have severe side effects on the hair: dehydrates, dries and break the structure of the hair.

However, if some cares are taken seriously, the health of the hair can be prolonged at that time, facilitating the care throughout the rest of the year.

  1. It is important to keep the capillary mass up to date. To do this, maintain a nutrition and hydration routine. Cables must be shielded to external effects.
  2. Keratin treatments fortify the hair, creating a protective film against sun rays and aggressions of the type chlorine and salt.
  3. Keeping the scalp and hair always clean also helps in the health of the hair, as the intense heat induces excess oiliness that, at the same time, can clog the pores of the scalp, weakening the structure of the hair.
  4. When leaving the pool or sea, remove salty or chlorine water with a fresh water shower and finish with a good leave-in with UV filter. Repeat this process every time you wet your hair with sea water or pool.
  5. Avoid keeping moist hair always tied or trapped. Wet hair weakens and the habit of catching them or tying them can damage the structure of the hair.
  6. Avoid abusing chemicals at this time of year. In the summer the aggressions to the hair are greater (wind, sun, sea water, swimming pool). The abuse of chemicals puts the quality of the hair at risk.
  7. Wear hats and hats in moderation. The double protects from the sun, but it stifles the scalp. When you are under the umbrella or in a covered place, prefer to stay without them.
  8. Have a good diet. All the tissues of our body are produced with raw materials that we ingest. Healthy eating will make our hair look healthier and more beautiful.
  9. Drink plenty of water. Deep hydration is the one that starts from the inside out.
  10. Have fun and stress free! Hormones of pleasure and joy help oxygenate the cells of our body, including those of the hair.

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