Solving the tangled hair problems.

Although many people do not interpret as a problem, who suffers with tangled hair knows that it is more than a problem, it is a nuisance, almost a sacrifice! The knots in the hair are more common than you think and, depending on the structure of them, are formed very easily, making it difficult to comb them, even with professional brushes and own.

Dryness is the main villain and inductor of us in the hair. With weakened capillary fibers and lack of water in their deeper layers, the hair curls and can curl one another. Chemical processes, dry climate and inadequate exposure of the hair to the sun can contribute to this dryness and, consequently, to the appearance of knots.

To avoid this dryness, of course, we indicate frequent moisturizing. But if you already suffer with dryness and hair full of knots, let’s advice on how to suffer less when combing hair and maintain a disciplined appearance.

1. Try to untangle dry hair before entering the bathroom to wash. This will make them already aligned before applying the shampoo, facilitating the application of the product and elimination in the continuous flow of water.

2. While washing, even with the shampoo on the hair, try gently separating the wicks with your fingers.

3. Never use fine-tooth combs during bathing. If you are going to use them, opt for wide-tooth combs, but only after applying the moisturizing conditioner or mask.

4. After removing the conditioner, even with hair well moist, separate two drops of argan oil. Finish drying with a towel without rubbing the hair, barely giving light kneading with the towel.

5. Always untangle the ends of the hair first, it is usually in them that the worst knots are.

6. Slide the brush (wide teeth) from the length to the tips gently. Prefer to separate the hair in fine wicks and make the landing in stages. Always comb your hair gently! To facilitate, use a rinsing or leave-in comb cream.

7. Avoid dents, binders and tiaras while the hair is drying.

Follow these tips and tell us the results. Our intention is to make your life easier!

But remember, here we gave you some tips to help solve a problem after it was installed. The ideal is always to prevent the problem from appearing. That is why it is never too much to repeat: the knots appear in dry hair. To avoid drying them, hydrate the hair weekly or at least bi-weekly.


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