ROYAL COLORS – Cream Color: Coloring can be synonymous with nourishing.

Fit Cosmetics continuously innovates to provide the realization of the greatest beauty dreams of all women. After all, what woman does not want to have a custom-colored hair in a vibrant tone for much longer?

The Fit Cosméticos developed another product of the Colors line, which is already successful: the Royal Colors – Cream Color. With it you can assign up to 39 different tones to your hair with total safety and quality.

Its texture in cream and its special formula help to care for the hair while discoloring them, because the Royal Complex blend present in its composition acts directly on the bark of the hair, nourishing and moisturizing them deeply. The consistency in cream, in turn, contributes to more homogenous tones and natural appearance to the hair. The result is vibrant colors in hair totally free of frizz and rebelliousness.

Are you still afraid of risking and playing in the coloring? The Fit Cosmetics gives the tip: ask your hairdresser to do the wick test before applying the coloration throughout the hair. Ideally, a wick should be taken from the nape of the neck, where the hair is thinner and hidden if the color is not desired. The dye must be applied to dry hair and it is indicated that you are at least 2 days without washing, for a better absorption of the properties of the product. Follow these tips and stay calm: if you play in the dye without fear.

Say goodbye to faded and fragile hair. Coloring now can be synonymous of health with the new Royal Colors – Cream Color of Fit Cosmetics.


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