Protect your hair from the UV rays.

Summer is coming and, with it, we must create a routine of care with the skin and also with the hair. Do you often use sunscreen on your skin? Research shows that only 53% of Brazilians make continuous use of sunscreen on their skin. But when the question is “do you frequently use sunscreen on your hair?” The answer is even more striking: only 13% of Brazilian women use UV-protected products on their hair.

The most paradoxical thing is that Brazilians are the women who are most looking for aesthetic hair treatments. That is, they are stuck and worried about the health of the hair. Brazilians want glossy, silky hair with movement (whether smooth, wavy or curly). Opaque hair too much annoy Brazilian women. But the primary care is forgotten! And this is very curious!

You are an exception to the rule and start with a routine of sun protection in the hair. “Hair that is very exposed to the sun becomes harsh and dull with direct radiation damage on substances that bind the cuticles, such as ceramides. It also becomes brittle and brittle due to changes in keratin,” says the dermatologist Doctor Tatiana Jerez.

Therefore, use products with UV protection. The Royal Oil of Fit Cosméticos, for example, has a high sun protection factor and helps in the reconstitution of hair fibers, leaving it lighter, lighter and healthier.

Other alternatives are accessories. Many can help us as a barrier against sunlight. Hats and caps are good choices. On the beach, go to the parasol! If you do not like accessories and do not want to stay under an umbrella, at least put the hair in a coke, for example. The smaller the contact surface of the sun rays with the hair, the better!

Of course, continuous moisturizing helps in replenishing water and nutrients in hair composition. Take care of your hair as you take care of your skin! There is no use resorting to innumerable procedures in the beauty salon if, in the routine, you do not acquire protective discipline. The hairs are, depending on the situation, even more exposed than our skin. They lack daily care and special attention not to become broken, opaque and lifeless hair!

Your health appreciates and your hair does too!


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