PLATINUM BLOND HAIR: Democrat, but not that much!

Discover and understand why platinum blond hair is not as versatile as most said it is.

Almost all women are attuned when the matter involves fashion, beauty and aesthetics. The issues related to hair win from all others present on the wheels of women’s conversations. Women do not think twice about changing the color of their hair if this can lead to a better appearance.

Trying to better understand so many feminine desires, several studies tried to unveil the motive of so many women who want to change the color of their hair, opting for the blond. Especially in the summer season: the blond is the favorite in all the salons of beauty that lately they were forced to perfect his techniques of cold wicks, ombrès, Californian and dyes in general.

In 2015 and 2016 the fashion trend was the platinum blond hair. And it is still strong for 2017 already with some variables. The blond platinum confers an air of modernity and daring, that color is the favorite of those who want to innovate and stand out. This technique blends shades of blond with shades of silver and white. However, it is not a choice so democratic, because it does not fit perfectly in all women what would be our desire.

In general, the platinum blond looks good for various skin tones; except two: yellow skin and black skin. Women with yellow skin have a “hot” tone that should be harmonized with warm shades of hair, such as copper, gold or reddish. For those who have black skin, total platinum hair is not recommended, as the contrast of gray-satin hair with the color of the skin can result in an artificiality unwanted by many.

There is also a skin tone – uncommon – for which platinum is not recommended either. We are talking about the very white, with a “pale” skin tone. Those should not platinate the hair to not further aggravate the “pallor” and lower to an unhealthy appearance.

Get to understand your skin type and then attend your desires according to its characteristics. Nobody needs to impose anything on anyone, but we all know that a minimally natural / healthy appearance is desired by most.


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