Perfect Hair: does anybody want it?

Learn how to have well-treated and beautiful hair with some easy habits!

All women are concerned about their hair, after all, they are considered the person’s “business card” and is usually the first thing you see when you look at someone’s face. The hair reflects, even, in the person’s self-esteem, being a factor of first importance when the matter is lifestyle change. Whoever opted for a new cut or new hair coloring when something was not going very well?

Basically, the hair reflects the sensuality, reveal personalities, denounce the level of vanity, creating identity for each person. Therefore, there is always a strong attention to the issues related to tufts and hair care so that they are always healthy and beautiful.

To have healthy and beautiful hair, do not take a battle with life! Some simple measures provide naturally shiny and malleable hair. Basically, 4 steps are essential: clean, condition, restore and finish.

To clean the hair well, a large amount of shampoo is not that necessary. An amount proportional to the size of a coin in the palm of the hand is sufficient. It is important to emphasize that applying the shampoo on the hands and then spreading on the hair is a good suggestion. By doing this, you prevent the product from concentrating on one region of the hair, ensuring that the wash is complete.

Also try not to use your nails to wash the scalp, prefer the tips of the toes and do gentle massages. Water temperature also makes a difference: avoid hot water!

After cleansing, comes the stage of hydration or conditioning. A common mistake among women is to find that naturally oily hair does not need to be conditioned. That’s not true! However, in these cases (and even in those who have dry hair) the root region must be preserved from the creams. The foundation is basic: the hair is resected along its length, and not near the root.

Thus, it is essential to moisturize and condition that part of the hair that has been disconnected longer from the hair bulb (that is, the length of hair that is furthest from the scalp). In addition, moisturizing masks or conditioners when applied to the root can contribute to clog the hair bulb causing even greater problems such as weakening of the hair (or even fall) and desquamation.

Once a week also try to pay special attention to hair nutrition. Good treatment creams (with vitamins, proteins, mineral salts, etc.) make the difference and complement the cleaning and hydration routine.

Finally, finalizing the hair makes all the difference. It is not enough that the hair is healthy, it also needs to be beautiful and radiant so that all the effort has been worth it. The ones of the time are the finalizers (leave-in, shine sprays, oils of argan / coconut / pracaxi, and others). In summary, these products are without rinsing and contribute to the sealing and good appearance of the hair, still helping in the modelling and fixation for that desired visual.


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