Myth or Truth? Does our hair fall more and grow less in the fall and winter?

Many women report us that they feel more hair fall or less grow during the Fall and Winter seasons. But is it really true?

Some experts point out that yes, hair growth may be related to the time and season of year. This can happen because in those two seasons of the year the days become shorter and the nights longer; that is, the incidence of UV rays is lower, interfering with slower hair growth. In addition, the days with lower temperatures contract the hair follicles, hindering a little more the growth of the hair. There is little controversy about the slow growth of hair in those seasons. It is known: the weather can interfere greatly in the speed of hair growth throughout the year, so we have a truth!

As for fall of the hair, we’ve noticed different opinions, making it difficult to unravel the mystery “myth x truth”. This is because there are experts who claim that in that same period our hair goes through more hair replacements than in other seasons. According to them, about 20% of the hair is renewed during the fall and winter.

But, there are those specialists who only claim that women notice more the fall of their hair by washing them more widely, since they sweat less in that period. Thus, when they enter the bathroom and moisten them, they perceive that more hairs come to the hands, but in fact, they were already hair that had been loose for some time, but were still intertwined in the hair.

Differences aside, we know that our hair falls for several other reasons: poor diet, poor hydration (drinking water is essential for the health of the hair), insomnia, stress, lack of some vitamins in the blood … The fall can also be linked to genetic factors. Evaluate your lifestyle and always clean the root of your hair by massaging the scalp to stimulate the hair follicles. But be careful: if the fall is very pronounced, look for a dermatologist.


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