How to use your hair straightener safely.

The hair straightener remains, for many women, the main tool for wicks when it comes to “straightening hair”! The tool is practical, fast, accessible and leaves even the most rebellious hair smoothed for long time, at least until the next wash.

On the other hand, it is quite common for women to be victims of warnings: “the hair straightener will dry the hair”; “the hair straightener breaks the hair,” and others. That is why, in the name of beauty, practicality is set aside and the beloved tool can end up becoming a nightmare.

But it’s not that big deal!

Correctly, dryer, babyliss and even hair straightener can ensure more beautiful and healthy hair itself.

To help you, we list the top 5 mistakes of who uses iron in their routine. Avoid them and have beautiful hair, even using the most wanted thermoactive tool in the world every day!

  1. Hair straightener on dirty hair: do not make this mistake. Smooth kneaded and you just wanted to tidy up the ends? Forget this idea! Better wash your hair and do the smoothing all over again. Applying the iron to dirty hair, even if you have washed the day before, will damage the hair, as the natural hair fat will “fry” the length of hair with the high temperature of the iron.
  2. Not using thermal protector: this error is fatal! The thermoactive products were created to form a kind of protective layer that insulates the hair with the help of heat. Not using thermal protectors directly influences the vulnerability of the hair throughout any heat-activated procedure.
  3. Hair straightener with wet hair: that’s terrible! The iron on wet hair is the same as the iron on wet fabrics. It wrinkles and burns, right? Well, no one wants hair broken by this absurd error. Iron, girls, just when the hairs are dry, please!
  4. Separating thick wicks: The truth is that the thicker the wicks, the more times you will need to iron the iron in each wick to ensure the desired effect. If you separate fine wicks, the thickness of two fingers, at the maximum, the effect will be much closer to the desired, not requiring so many applications, which can damage the hair.
  5. Not moisturizing the hair constantly: thermoactive tools are responsible for acting by removing water from the hair throughout the procedures, then dehydrate itself! That is why it is important to replenish nutrients and perform frequent hydrations on the hair to avoid any consequences close to dryness.

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