How to make the hair grow faster.

Firstly, we ask for patience about this theme! There are no miracles to make hair to grow faster. Have you cut the hair and regret? Time is your best friend! Do you want to change the hair and get it longer for a new look? Time is also the best friend!

The advice that we will give here is, only, drivers for the growth. In fact, we will talk about treatments that increase the health of the hair so that, over time, they can grow healthier and hydrated.

The process of life of the hair has well defined phases and, here, it is worth noting that the period of growth usually varies from person to person. The three stages are: the anagen, responsible for the enlargement of the tufts; the catagen, transition phase; and, finally, the telogen, which is the time when the hair falls.

Different foods can contribute to the hair passing through the anagen phase with good health. Proteins, vitamins B and D and omega-3 fatty acids are some of them. To do this, add in your menu options like: salmon, egg, apricot, carrot, linseed, whole grains, among others.

Even some habits are important: before bed, create the habit of massaging the scalp with the tips of your fingers. During the bath, massage the scalp well, even with the heads down. This will activate the blood circulation of the hair bulb, causing nutrients to travel more frequently in this area for more effective absorption.

It is important to remember (yes, because you probably already know) that using the dryer and the iron in excess and in very high temperatures can contribute to the dryness of the hair, causing you to have to appeal to a new cut before the desired length, further delaying the dream of long hair. In addition, the abusive use of these tools, can contribute to a subsequent fall of the hair, which is even more worrisome. Try to leave the dryer at a distance of 8 cm to 10 cm from the hair with temperatures lower than the maximum; in the case of the iron, avoid passing it near the root and also regulate its temperature to the mean.

Finally, the greatest advice of all: patience! Hair grows, naturally! We simply accompany this natural process with care so that it happens in the best possible way. We want long hair, but we want shiny hair, strong, nourished and hydrated. Therefore, for an intensive and quality treatment, count on Fit Cosméticos products to add even more health to your hair.


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