How to doctrine the Frizz

Always undesirable, frizz is terrifying for most women. But, in the end, why do harmful “frizzes” appear in the hair?

When studying an enlarged image of a hair strand, we perceive that it is formed by superimposed cells, which resemble scales. These superimposed cells are called the Cuticle Capillary. The cuticle is responsible for coating the body of the hair and it is with it that we have more daily contact, either in the washing of the hair, when combing or even drying with the aid of a dryer.

In this way, when the hair goes through some very damaging situation, those cuticles dry, open and can lose their main protection function, resulting in shaken hair. Therefore, experts say that frizz appears more frequently in dehydrated or poorly treated hair. But believe, not only for this!

Frizz can appear on hair with compromised structure (dehydrated), or on new hair as a result of a hair fall or poorly made cut. That is, at heart, no one is immune.

However, in general, curly or wavy hair are more susceptible to this type of occurrence, since the formation of the structure of those hairs is more prone to a greater number of cuticles for protection, then more likely to rebound if something bad happens with the hair.

Do you want to avoid frizz? Pay attention to your nutrition and hydration routine. Also, avoid pulling too much while combing so as not to break them. Do not rub them on the towel after the bath and comb slowly, especially when they are still wet, which is when they are still fragile and exposed! Also, keep cutting your hair up to date with a good professional. Avoiding the razors is also a good suggestion!

Another important suggestion: consider the type of brush or comb you use. Human hair is very sensitive to electricity. That is why, when you comb your hair with combs or plastic brushes, your hair would instantly bristle. Give preference to wood combs, which are not conductors of electricity and will help in combating frizz!


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