Highlighting: the sensation of summer 2017.

The summer of 2017 is there and the fashion trend, once again, is the high lightened hair. It seems a rule already: temperatures increase and the hair becomes clearer, more movement and more texture! The concept is that the lights give a more natural effect that refers to the effects of solar radiation, and it combines with summer, beach, swimming pool…

And there are multiple techniques for all this lighting: balayage, normal highlights, ombrè hair, sombré hair, californians, sun kiss, cold wicks, and more.

For those who do not want to bet on total discoloration, or for the ones who want to try a timely change of color in the hair, highlighting techniques are perfect alternatives!

The truth is that blond strands are no longer the same. They were totally repaginated and today they bring effects that can even rejuvenate the appearance of any woman. Yes, because lighted hair, regardless of its versions, works well for all hair types and personality! The techniques are super democratic.

For brown haired hawks, the abuse of blond hair is totally allowed! For them, the clearer the wicks, the more natural they will look.

For black or brunette women, you can bet on lightly lit hair from a root span to achieve a different look without radicalizing and without the need for much maintenance. One tip is to act on the contour of the face: perfect lighting!

Orientals, despite their fair skin, have very dark hair. But they are not forbidden to use lighting techniques: with a good professional and with the right choice, the techniques can attribute a balance with the tone of the skin.

The biggest exception is for those who have naturally resected or very rebellious hair, because however good they are, lighting techniques remove water from the cortex of the hair and therefore contribute to a more pronounced dryness. The advice is to start about 2 months before an intense hydration routine before the chemical procedure!

Taking all this, do not be afraid! Count on Fit Cosmetics products, play in the summer wave and parade with lighted hair without fear of being happy!


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