Four essential tips for hair with blond wicks or totally blond.

The blond hair is flashy, there is no denying it. And, of course, the wanting of a hair in this tone has already passed through the heads of most women, even in those with very dark roots. For this reason, there are countless possible techniques for blond hair to reign in all types of hair, as we have already shown in the last subject.

The idea is to complement the subject of the previous subject and to clarify what are the essential care for the hair that went through this type of transformation, with blond strokes. The truth is that the clear tonality highlights the feminine beauty and attracts attention, but keeping the hair clear in a healthy way requires work. In the end, no matter how good the technique is, any process of discoloration is aggressive, as it acts by fading the hair first before conferring any extra shade.

Dermatologist Valcinir Bedin, president of the Brazilian Hair Society, explains: in a process of discoloration “all hair cuticles are open and have their melanin molecules hyper-oxygenated during the dyeing procedure”. That is why redoubling the care is essential on post-procedure.

And the truth is that after a woman chooses to stay partially or entirely blond, she will hardly return to her original color. However, many end up giving up the very open tones, since the natural whitening when done very often ends up leaving the hair looking dry and well fragilized.

For all this not to happen, here are some tips:

  1. Always use a whitening enhancer to avoid so many visits to the salon for more hair depigmentation.
  2. Toning shampoos are also great allies. They maintain the desired tone for longer without hitting the hair as much. Indicated the use every 15 days.
  3. An acid conditioner (pH less than 5) can also help. It neutralizes the most alkaline pH of the discolored hair that has been altered by decolorizing powder and hydrogen peroxide, leaving it more regularized in terms of texture and shine. Lower pH products help to seal the hair cuticles!
  4. The hydration could not be stopped. It is basically wild card for any situation when the subject is the hair. The process of hydration is elementary for healthy hair, regardless of the chemical process or routine that has the woman, responsible for allocating water to the interior of the hair.

These measures are precautionary, of course. It is not a cake recipe that will guarantee nourished, hydrated and healthy hair immediately if your hair has already reached a very severe degree of weakness. In this situation, it is indicated that the woman plays of all these councils regularly and, in the limit, renews the cut so that her hair does not appear much opacity and malnutrition.


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