Essential care for healthy hair in Autumn and Winter seasons.

Get Ready! Winter is approaching and all the beauty care cannot stop now.

In the same way that we take good care of the skin, in winter we also need to pay special attention to our hair. This is because the cold and dry seasons steal moisture from the hair, dehydrating them and even leaving them undernourished.

However, taking care of the hair in the fall and winter – if you already take good care of them in the other seasons too – are quiet.

The first lesson begins in the shower. Leaving laziness aside and hydrating the hair weekly should be sacred. Another point of attention is the water temperature. It is important to spend as little time as possible under very hot water, if possible, finishing the washing of the hair always with warm water. Well, the ideal would have to be in cold water to help seal the cuticles at the end of the wash, but we know that, in colder times, cold water in the bathroom is a terror! So, here we are being good to you. Warm water helps!

A great villain this season is the frizz too. Any frosty fan, puff, hair will bristle, misalign and remain dry. To avoid frizz, in addition to the hydration that we have already said, keratin-based nutrition is also super indicated!

Finally, we know that in the colder seasons it is almost impossible to let the hair dry naturally. That is why many women use hairdryers or hair straighteners. In this case (never, never, in any hypothesis), the thermal protective product is forgotten. On the contrary, all the above-mentioned care will go down the drain!


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