DOUBLE ENDS: a terror for the hair.

Double ends. Why do they appear and how to end up them?

Every woman is subject to the appearance of double ends. About 80% of our hair is formed by keratin and 20% by lipids (kind of a fat), water and mineral salts. When the hair begins to be elastic or very brittle is a sign that one of these components is deficient.

Elastic hair is a sign of lack of keratin. The brittle hair is a sign of dryness due to lack of hydration (deficiency of fats and water in the capillary cortex). The double ends appear just when the hair is very dry, porous and brittle.

The hair cuticle is responsible for protecting the hair from external aggressions, but with dryness, it fragments and the hair can suffer with double, triple and sometimes even quadruple tips depending on the number of fragments in a single hair.

The first suggestion to avoid this headache is to always maintain a healthy diet and a discipline of physical activities.

But, in addition, hydrations are indicated to replenish the water of the hair. Nails and the use of oils also help prevent hair from reaching the degree of fragmentation. Also, never open the hand of an optimal thermal protector.

Now, if you are already with your hair full of double ends, do not fall into the trap of the “thousand and one” tip-top repairers. Come back to a new cut! Although without drawing much of the length, the benefits can be noticed immediately!


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