Does washing the hair every day is a bad habit, after all?

The periodicity in which the hair should be washed is always subject in many websites about beauty and hair topics. Can we wash hair every day? Does it damage the hair? Well, that belief exists, and it is not from today. Many hairdressers sign under this claim, arguing that washing hair too often negatively affects the growth and appearance of hair. Is that true?

Before answering, it is important to consider the proper washing function. It is not new, but it is good to underline that the obligation to wash hair is reduced to hygiene: keeping them clean ensures a good part of hair health. With that in mind, it’s common sense: if your hair was washed yesterday and remain clean today, why wash it in such a short space of time? On the contrary, if they were washed yesterday, but they are too oily today and noticeably dirty, why not wash it again today?

So, when asked about “how often should I wash my hair?”, the most accurate answer is “wash it according to your actual need or depending on your hair type”.

If your hair is very oily, it is natural to have to wash more often, as you run the risk of keeping the scalp dirty and the hair mops very quickly.

If your hair is dry, it is best to avoid washing it every day. Alternative washing, one day if not another, is the best option for such cases; thus, the tips are prevented from drying further and appear to be maltreated. That’s because a certain amount of natural hair fat is not harmful! On the contrary, it vitalizes the hair, leaving them brighter, silky and soft.

In addition to the hair type, consider your activities. If you do sport every day, for example, it is good to wash your hair every day as well. Stay calm, there is no harm in that. Just choose moisturizing shampoos, so dryness of the scalp can be avoided, since sweat and aggressive shampoos together, every day, may not be very positive for the health of the hair.

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