BRONDE HAIR: The end of the platinum blond hair.

“It’s not blond, it’s not dark. It’s a very beautiful thing in the between.”

The year 2016 will bid farewell to the platinum hair. The trend that dominated the triennium 2013 to 2015, loses strength now in 2016. The new trend is the Bronde hair color (mixed between the words brunette, and blond). This tone takes place in the middle of these two colors. It is a technique of lights that will value light brown hair, leaving the blond in darker tones, so-called earth tones.

It is the great chance for brunettes to run to the saloons to get a touch of luminosity without artificiality. Yes, because the tendency is to value the natural appearance! In order to reach the effect of a bronze chestnut, it is necessary a very detailed work with blond wicks on the browned wicks. This gives a pro-summer effect, which causes that feeling that the hair was cleared while the person was basking on the beach.

The high lights start very close to the roots, very thin. Normally 2 to 3 shades lighter than the person’s natural hair are used. The most indicated are the tones in tobacco, honey, caramel, cappuccino and mocha (which are light brown). The technique is considered correct when the wicks are perceived, without there being any marks. That is, the blur has to be perfect, playing with effects of light and shadow. And the most sensational: maintenance can be done every 6 months.

It is a trend that appeals to Brazilians, as it highlights the tan and brings a gold that in the hair that, before, seemed morbid with so much darkness. The technique confers movement and lightness to the look. In short, bronze is the most fashionable to enhance light brown hair or to produce depth and size in already blond hair. For brunettes, it brings the possibility of creating a multidimensional look that illuminates the visual, without drastically changing the natural color of the hair.


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