About the Hair Growth: influences of our metabolism and daily habits impacts.

It is already known that there is no miracle to “bombard” the growth of hair. Several aspects, such as lifestyle or genetic and also metabolic conditions are involved in the speed at which the hair grows.

In general, the hair grows from 1 to 1.3 centimeters a month. There are, however, those women who do not even notice the growth of 0.5 centimeters in the month and begin to invest in formulas and magic masks, frequently divulged by Internet. The truth is that the way you treat your hair influences much more in the speed with which they grow, than the products you use. The explanation is simple: the hair outside the scalp is already dead particle and, even if they indicate vitamins for hair length, they do not interfere with the speed at which your hair bulb is renewed.

If they have vitamins that help in the growth of the hair, they are the ones you eat: supplement or balanced food are wild! Be sure, human metabolism always works from the inside out. You should eat lots of fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water and do regular exercise to ensure the health of your entire body, of course, the hair as well.

In addition to metabolic issues eventually deregulated, common habits can also impair hair growth. For example, we know that a capillary hydration routine is essential to keep it alive, bright and healthy. But be careful and do not overdo it, okay? Understand the product you are using: Most shampoos, conditioners and masks that have moisturizing function contain silicone. The problem is that the substance, when used excessively, tends to accumulate in the hair, resulting in heavy, lifeless hair, rather than a shiny and smooth. That is, until the hydration needs to be dosed.

Another point: do you comb your hair aggressively? Keep in mind that this routine is delicate. Ideally, do not comb your hair when wet because it becomes brittle, but this is a difficult task. Then, before beginning to untangle it, apply a comb cream and use a wide-tooth comb or even your fingers to tame the hair while moist. Softness is the key word for not breaking the hair by the root and damaging the renewal of the hair bulb.

Your scalp also tells a lot about the cellular health of your hair. As we said, her hair is made up of dead cells. The root, however, is still alive and is probably in need of a stimulus on the scalp to take strength. For centuries, people said that massaging the scalp daily helps in rapid hair growth. And in fact, the massages give this impulse: massages in the scalp stimulate the sanguine irrigation in the region, stimulating the nutrition of the cells. How about starting a massage right now?


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