4 tips for a good and health scalp.

Curly, thick, smooth, dark or light. No matter what your hair type, surely you already wanted to have an amazing hair, just like the ones in publicity adds of shampoo, right?

You know that with some care it is possible to have light hair, loose, shiny, healthy and beautiful!

The secret is on the hair scalp. Yes, it is from it that the hair sprouts out and, therefore, inherit all that is good or bad. If this region is excessively greasy and constantly dirty, there will be no miracle creams and cuts that will resolve the quality of the hair.

Tip 01:

When washing, ask yourself: “What was the last time I washed my hair?” If the answer is “today morning” or even “yesterday”, do not wash them! Washing your hair very often is not healthy for the scalp. Excess water in the leather leaves it dry. That’s right! A dose of natural fat on the skin of the scalp is necessary to keep it hydrated. The shampoo removes that beneficial fat, leaving it dry and lifeless!

Tip 02:

Never, in any case, wash the hair with hot water. Hot water stimulates the sebaceous glands of the scalp. Unlike suggestion 01, about the beneficial natural fat to the skin, the hot water will cause the scalp to produce excess oiliness. This can clog the follicles, harming the growth of new and healthy hair. In addition, hot water opens the cuticle of the hair, leaving them exposed and susceptible to external damage.

Tip 03:

Do not believe on “I’ll leave a few portions of the product to make the hair look better”. The accumulation of products in the root of the hair can also clog the pores. Remove shampoos very well and apply conditioners and creams only in length and tips. It does not serve the product in the hair, it will only weigh the hair and leave it fragile, instead of healthy and strong as you think.

Tip 04:

If you do not like the natural drying procedure, when drying hair with the dryer, keep the it at least 30cm away from the scalp. Otherwise, there will be no product capable of attenuating excessive heat damage.


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