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Capillary stripper and color corrector made with Sodium Oxyethylene Sulphoxylate. It works by cleaning the color overload from previously applied colorings, preserving the natural color of the hair while fading the artificial color, allowing the application of other shades or even the production of reflections and nuances as desired. After removing the unwanted color, a new coloration can be applied immediately. Just wash, condition and dry the hair well to start a new dyeing process. Attention: this product is incompatible with henna, smoothing dyes and any other metallic dye based on lead. Saturated hairs with dark or reddish stains respond less to this pickling. Removal of the pigment will be more intense in lighter hair, at the height of tones 6 or 7. The highly sensitized hair will not tolerate decapitation.

  • Nº1 Coloring Remover – Activator 250ml
  • Nº2 Coloring Remover – Base 250ml

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