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This is a completely differentiated and high-performance product, obtained through the exclusive Nanotechnology. The biocompatible acids with the capillary fiber act deeply allowing the temporal change of the structure of the hair, providing an easy modelling to the hair strands. It controls and reduces the volume and frizz of the hair, providing shine and movement with natural effect.

• Liss Nanotech 200ml
• Liss Nanotech 500ml
• Liss Nanotech 1L

Step by Step

Way of use

Step 01
Apply Liss Nanotech all over the hair;

Step 02
Let the product act for about 60 minutes (on more resistant hair, it can be left to act for longer);

Step 03
After pause, pre-rinse hair just to remove excess of product, do not need to rinse thoroughly;

Step 04
Dry the hair and wipe the iron straightener in fine wicks. To check the desired result, rinse thoroughly and dry with your hands (optional).

Iron straightener the hair using hair straightener between 180 °C and 190 °C until the yarn is shiny and smooth.
Caution: excess of iron straightener in the hair can alter the desired color.

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