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Brazilian Keratin is a Progressive Brushing (or Brazilian Straightening Process) with anti-frizz action for volume reduction, shielding and hair straightening. The formula contains Amino acids, Ojon, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E and Keratin; has exclusive technology of intensive repair that seeks to replenish the nutrients, restoring all the hair fiber. It has moisturizing properties, giving smoothered, sealed, soft and malleable hair.

  • Brazilian Keratin 1L

Step by Step

Way of use

Step 01
On clean and dry hair, apply the product to a half centimeter of the root with the aid of a brush, wick to wick, using a fine comb for a better distribution of the product (use about 3g of product per wick). Leave on for about 20 minutes on discoloured or very porous hair and about 50 minutes on virgin or resistant hair.

Step 02
For discoloured hair, apply the matting mask and let it act for about 5 minutes; then rinse again.
For the hair with orange backgrounds, apply the red or copper tone mask and let it act for about 5 minutes; then rinse again.
For natural or dark hair, just rinse.

Step 03
Rinse and dry the hair completely with the aid of a dryer in the top-down position, barely aligning with the help of your fingers. At the end of the process, use the hairbrush of the racket type.

Step 04
Smooth with the aid of the iron straightener in fine wicks 5 to 7 times each. Optional: apply a silicone spray before starting the process.

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