Platinum hair? Find out the myths and truths!

Are you also a fan of bright blond hair tones? So our suggestion is to bet in the platinum blond! Platinum blond hair is always a huge success and gets the attention where it goes, but to guarantee that amazing result it is required to keep up-to-date.

Today’s tip is going to be a watershed in the life of the platinum blond hair woman. It is time to stop to follow the stranger tricks just because you heard someone saying. 

Come to discover what really is going to help you in the time of caring of platinum blond wires.

Platinum blond hair is not healthy – Myth

Platinum blond hair can be a synonym of health with the right product and care. The process to achive the perfect blond tone, leave the wire porous, in reason of that, the secret is in the weekly hydration. Bet in masks and ampoules of treatment riches in hydration ingridients, as aloe vera extract, panthenol and vegetable oil.

Moreover, do not give up on more intensive treatments in hair salon and the usual cuts to eliminate double hair tips.

It is necessary more protection to the platinum blond hair – True

With the platinum blond wires, the U.V rays does not only dry the hair, but also leave it with a yellow tone.

To avoid this undesired damages to the hair, abuse of the hair sun protector, leave-ins with UV protection and in cases of prolongue exposure to the sun, use accessories as scarves, caps and hats to let your wires protected.

Curly hair does not match with platinum blond – Myth

All the types of hair matches with the platinum blond tone. It is right that the curly and afros hair usually to be natural dry, a fact that requires a bigger care before, during and after the procedure of hair discoloration. The secrect is to keep the hydration always in day.

Also remembering that the strands test is indispensable to guarantee the expected result.

Go slow when it comes to platinum – True

We know that it is not so easy to get the hair in the choosen tone in the first try, so it is suggested to do the process by stages and with certain time interval, to reduces the impact of the discoloration in the healthy wire and with time gets closer to the expected color. To help in the time of this processes, the tip is to interleave the discoloration with hydration and reconstruction, mainly the women with darker hair.  

Did you enjoy our tips about what will really help you in the time to guarantee the platinum blond of dreams?! So do not believe in everything you hear. 

Always try to know what is better to your hair type, with your trustworthy professional and invest in your blond hair! You deserve it!


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