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Semi-definitive and tannin-based hair straightening that promotes strengthening and volume-reducing action. It has gel texture and a special oils blend, which nourishes and protects the strands against external aggressions. Promotes a natural straight hair, free of frizz and porosity. Developed with violet pigments, it has a toning action, which removes the undesired yellow and orange tones of blonde hair.

  • Tanino Protein 1L

Step by Step

How to use

  1. On clean and dry hair, divide it into parts.
  2. Apply the Tanino Protein 1 centimeter from the hair root.
  3. Leave the product in the hair 40 to 60 min to act. Comb the hair every 10 min. *In thicker or afro hair let act until 1h30m.
  4. Rinse it until the product is absolutely removed.
  5. Dry the strands completely.
  6. Use the flat iron at a temperature of 180°C (356°F) to 200°C (392°F) all over the hair.

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